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The Smith & Waggoner firm offers comprehensive CPA services to the community. We’re located in Nokomis, FL and provide service to the greater Venice area. Because our strategy is focused on a long term view of your financials, we can offer valuable insight beyond your tax return. Our representation includes working directly with financial planners and estate attorneys, the IRS and performing HR functions if necessary. This minimizes liabilities for individuals and their families and maximizes potential growth. By working together, we can organize your financial plans.

CPA Services
CPA Services 

Our CPA services empower individuals and small businesses on the road to success. By reducing tax exposure now and in the future your finances improve over time. Additionally, we lend our expertise to ensure you never miss a critical filing.

Accounting Services
CPA Services: Accounting

In order to assess your finances on an ongoing basis, we specialize in compilations as well as reviews. From help balancing your bank records to identifying costly losses, a full CPA accounting is invaluable. So ask yourself, how much is your CPA helping you?

Payroll Solutions
CPA Services: Payroll

Payroll is an essential business function. Unfortunately, it costs time and resources to perform in-house. Additionally, it’s too easy to make a mistake. Why not take advantage of our live, full service payroll system instead? Since you stay fully apprised through an online portal, you have access to your payroll information at any time. In addition to ensuring your employees are compensated, we handle your tax deposits. We’ll also prepare all necessary returns. Because we assist you in every step of the process, we’re more prepared when it’s time to file.

Tax Preparation
CPA Services: Tax Preparation

When it’s time for tax filings you can’t leave anything up to chance. Let us help you organize your records and prepare accurate returns that insulate you from penalties. Because our expert team leaves no stone unturned, we find every deduction you’re entitled to. Since we’re the tax experts, you can leave these tasks to us.


QuickBooks is invaluable to small businesses but can be confusing. We can help you set up QuickBooks and train you on the program. Because we understand the challenges small businesses face, we’re here to prepare you for success.

Estate Planning Services
CPA Services: Estate Planning

Consider your estate planning now because it’s never too soon to think about the future. Our team of CPA and financial professionals have relationships with many of the finest local Estate Attorneys and Financial Planners. We also understand Florida Estate Tax and how to structure your estate for the benefit of your family. Together, we will create a team that’s focused on keeping your wealth where it belongs.

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